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Seasonal Planter Program

Seasonal Outdoor Planter Subscription

Our new seasonal planter program is the perfect gift idea for a loved one. This program is available for your home or business.
A seasonal planter delivered 3 times a year for each subscription. Fellys will replace the old planter with a new festive seasonal planter.
Simply sign up, water a few times a week and sit back and enjoy a custom-made planter by our master gardeners.

3 seasonal outdoor planters delivered per year for each subscription.

How it works:
STEP 1 - Select your container size - 16" or 20"
STEP 2 - Select your container color - Black or Rust
STEP 3 - Select your sun exposure - Full Sun or Partial Sun
STEP 4 - Select your subscription quantity - 1, 2, 3, 4, ....
STEP 5 - Select the time of year to start your subscription.

    SPRING (5/15-6/30)
    FALL (9/1-10/1)
    WINTER (11/15-12/15)
    These are the delivery windows per season. We ask all customers to please be flexible with the actual delivery date as we attempt to group multiple planter deliveries together. We are targeting Wednesday deliveries each week during the delivery window.

STEP 6 - Enroll for the subscription by processing your payment.

Call our greenhouse for more information - 608-845-9591 - Ask for a store manager for further details.
Click here to view more information about our Seasonal Planter Program.