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Seasonal Outdoor Planter Subscription

The perfect gift for your house or business. Our seasonal planter program is the perfect gift idea for a loved one. Felly's Seasonal Planter Program.
A seasonal planter delivered 3 times a year.

    SPRING ( 5/15-5/31)
    FALL (9/1-9/14)
    WINTER (11/14 - 11/30)
Fellys will replace the old planter with a new festive seasonal planter. All you have to do is sign up, water a few times a week and sick back and enjoy the customer made planter by our master gardeners.

3 Seasonal outdoor planters delivered per year for each subscription.

How it works:
STEP 1 - Select your planter size - 16" or 20"
STEP 2 - Select your planter color - Black or Rust
STEP 3 - Select your sun exposure - Full Sun or Partial Sun
STEP 4 - Select your subscription quantity - 1, 2, 3, 4, ....
STEP 5 - Select the time of year to start your subscription.

    SPRING (5/15-6/30)
    FALL (9/1-10/1)
    WINTER (11/15-12/15)
STEP 6 - Enroll for the subscription by processing your payment.
Call our greenhouse for more information - 608-845-9591 - Ask for a store manager for further details.
Click here to view more information about our Seasonal Planter Program.